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Investigative reporting for The Wall Street Journal

When a Page One Photo Editor calls, I assume that the story will be intriguing. So, when Sarah Greenberg Morse contacted me about visiting a factory in Mexico together with writer John W. Miller, I had a feeling that this would be no ordinary day. It turned out that we were tasked with exploring a factory that was rumored to be part of a scheme by a Chinese billionaire to try and dump aluminum into the US markets. The Wall Street Journal team had reasons to believe that the company had amassed a suspicious stockpile of aluminum that was concerning U.S. producers. We were given only brief access to the plant itself, but through coaxing and nudging, we got more access. Management denied having a stockpile, but early the next morning, we were somehow able to document the existence of a cache of aluminum nearby, obscured by tarps and bales of hay and guarded aggressively... The assignment was part of a six-month investigation by the WSJ team of journalists who patiently uncovered an intricate web of companies. This dogged investigative reporting resulted in Friday's eye-opening article. It's always rewarding to work on thorough journalistic projects like this one. See the project here -