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Travel, Culture, and Tourism

Customs throughout Mexico's vastly diverse landscape echo life's contrasts and contradictions; life and death, dark and light, evil and good, somberness and humor, triviality and importance. Despite alarming rates of crime and violence over the past decade, travelers from around the world continue to flock to Mexico to experience and celebrate the country’s cultural diversity, natural beauty, gastronomy and urban attractions. 

From January to September 2014 alone, tourism rose by 18.2 percent compared to 2013 figures. Mexico’s USD $12 billion a year tourism industry accounts for nearly a tenth of the country’s GDP, and provides 2.5 million jobs for citizens. 

Not all tourism has positive impact. As the industry continues to grow, the Mexican government is faced with the challenge of attracting visitors while also promoting the culture and sustainable development of its communities. 


Council of Hemispheric Affairs Independent research and information organization.

Tourism Concern; Action for Ethical Tourism

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