Kind words from clients, partners and collaborators

The old saying about what we look for in a photographer “an eye, a heart and a brain” all comes together in Janet Jarman. Her strength is her story telling power. Some photographers say they photograph to understand. Janet already understood before she translates her knowledge into photography.

I’ve watched Janet’s work grow for many years. She is a dedicated story teller, someone who will go to great lengths to achieve the essence of whatever topic she pursues. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Janet Jarman for the toughest of stories.

Janet transformed our ability to communicate with our audiences. She brilliantly – and with great sensitivity in often difficult circumstances -- captured complex topics in easy-to-relate-to ways. She did this by finding and documenting human stories to illuminate abstract issues, and then crafted compelling, visually beautiful short videos we could use to explain our work.  Janet is creative, highly professional, and she brings grit and integrity to her projects. She is a wonderful collaborator, an inspiration to be around, and I enthusiastically recommend her work.

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